Bassike sustainability

for us sustainability means treating people and planet with respect, lightening our environmental impact, and constantly evaluating how we do that.
it means producing our collections carefully with integrity, and always asking questions.
our philosophy centres on high-quality design and construction with a commitment to ethical, sustainable manufacturing.


bassike is a considered, design-led brand. we design the entire bassike experience, from our ready-to-wear, jersey, denim and accessories collections to our retail stores. we develop our own fabrications, and our material choices play an enormous part in our finished products. the results are truly original

everything we make is created with intention and produced with longevity in mind.

everything we do starts with beautiful, ethically sourced fabric. we love natural fibres, and are inspired by the way they look, feel and perform. but as well as sustainability, we consider practicality and wearability in our design.



organic cotton 

we use exclusive organic cotton jersey- developed by us, made in melbourne, australia. we’ve spent years perfecting it, and have it spun and knitted to our exact specifications. the yarn is global organic textile standard (gots) certified, ensuring it contains a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres. organic cotton has many benefits - it’s biodegradable, produced without pesticides and most (about 80%) of the global crop is rain-fed. it’s also better for the climate according tothe soil association, as by building soil fertility, organic farmers help lock in co2. our cotton jersey is pre shrunk and can be thrown straight in the washing machine, making it easy to care for over time and able to be worn again and again

sustainable cotton 

our japanese suppliers use a mix of organic and better cotton initiative (bci) cotton. bci is a certified sustainable cotton program that supports farmers to minimise pesticide use, better manage water use and soil health, and commit to decent work principles


we use naturally sustainable linen. derived from the fast-growing flax plant, it thrives without the need for pesticides and has a low water footprint


our cashmere is of the highest quality, and is ethically sourced from inner mongolia, where we work with a vertical operation for full transparency. because our suppliers own their own farms, dye labs and garment knitting factory, we can be confident in every step of the process. their supply chain is go green certified.


bassike denim is handmade in japan the traditional way, by third generation artisan denim makers. it is dyed with natural indigo ,and processed in a high-tech system that reduces waste and recycles water. our denim wash house has iso 14001 environmental management certification, and excess indigo is reused as a natural compost for local rose gardens and organic cotton farms.


wool on it’s own is a natural, breathable and renewable fibre with low environmental impact. we ensure our italian suppliers source from non-mulesed  animals.


we work only with the highest quality leathers, and the most reputable european tanneries, which are certified and governed by strict regulation. they use new high-tech purification systems that eliminate 98% of the polluting agents from air emissions. we believe luxury leather pieces like ours are an investment, designed to last in your wardrobe for years.


for our swim collections, we use a high performance italian nylon/lycra blend fabric that is produced using water and energy efficient methods, and is oeko-tex standard 100% certified free from harmful chemicals, among arrange of other eco certifications.


we consciously embed environmentally sustainable practices into our business at every possible stage. we are constantly reviewing and improving our processes with this in mind. this process doesn’t end. this is an ongoing dialogue as new processes are created and opportunities are explored and developed.

we are constantly asking ourselves, how can we do this better? what’s next?

thinking green

our team is passionate about the environment, and we promote a culture that encourages this and welcomes new ideas and solutions. at our head office, we recycle, compost and choose to reuse- because it all adds up. of course we also think about the bigger picture, seeking greener ways of making our collections and managing our business.


the fashion industry’s contribution to global warming is increasingly well-documented. it’s not something that’s going to be solved easily or by one brand, but we are committed to engaging with this difficult subject and taking steps to lessen our impact.through local production we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

we produce over 90%of total bassike products, and 100% of our jersey garments in australia. these short supply chains mean the product doesn’t travel far from our makers to our warehouse. bassike cotton jersey is produced in a solar powered garment factory. our australian fabric mill partners are also part of the australian government’s greenhouse challenge program to improve emissions. 

we use energy efficient led lighting in all stores opened since 2014, and all stores opened prior are being upgraded to led lighting during refurbishment. for deliveries to and from our makers and stores, we work with the not-for-profit organisation green fleet to offset our carbon emissions.

zero-waste processes 

fashion has a waste problem. globally, less than 1 per cent of used clothing is currently recycled into new clothing, while fast fashion often ends up in landfill after just a few wears. the production process is also wasteful, with excess, off cut and oversupplied fabrics typically contrast, our jersey production is zero-waste. in 2018, 97% of the jersey fabric we purchased was used to make bassike garments. of the small remainder, 2% was cut into rags and donated to local mechanics, while 1% was held in stock for future garment production.we donate past season samples to an australian company that turns them into cleaning rags. we’ve also partnered with a local university to donate excess fashion fabric for students to use. these initiatives prevent our textile waste ending up in landfill.


our paper and cardboard packaging is made from recycled content, and is also 100% recyclable and biodegradable. in 2019, we will introduce biodegradable plastic garment bags. this new generation material is made from cassava starch, and dissolves in water.we re-use our clothes hangers as many times as possible. they are made from a mixture of regrind and recycled content.for inter-store deliveries, we’ve switched plastic for reusable cloth garment bags made from our fabric offcuts.

we also have a centralised recycling program for our retail stores

sustainability commitment 

in our mission to be ethically, socially & environmentally responsible, we expect our business partners to do the same. beyond compliance and the legal obligations required by fashion companies, bassike partners must also adhere to a sustainability commitment which outlines the standards which must be met within their organisations for us to work together – this covers, ethical trade, animal welfare, climate change and energy efficiency, ethical raw material sourcing, waste, re-use and recycling and the use of chemicals.



we co-create our collections with trusted makers we’ve known for years, and we visit them regularly in person. we are part of the wider community in the places where we work, and we do our best to give back to the causes we strongly believe in.

we passionately believe in made in australia - it promote slocal industry, minimises our carbon footprint and we know our makers are being paid fair wages, treated with respect and being able to visit and work alongside our makers on a daily basis brings us great pride